How can i access files?

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How can i access files?

Postby art69 » Sun Jun 14, 2015 1:22 pm

Foreword. In the original configuration, as made at the time by Lacie, in fact I've never used.

I know, this is an idiot question (because in my office, a company with about 20 pc and Windows Server as the operating system, i know how i can do it, because the operating mechanisms were set up years ago).

How can I use it for the simple use of storage files? How can I copy a file and access it?

In anticipation of connect 3 computers (one with Win 8.1, and the Others with Win 7 ultimate) and 2 smartphones Android, I created two more users. From Users > Management, i've now 3 users: 'dummy', which was already present, and the two new. I haven't done anything else.

Putting in the address bar of the browser the address of the nwsp1 (, at the request of username and password, if i log with one of the 3 users i've only 4 menu items (system management, backup, web tools and help) and backup and web tools does not work (i receive a '404' error).

If i try to access via Control Panel or via File Explorer, i don't find the nwsp1. What must i do?
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Re: How can i access files?

Postby uelpenich » Sun Jun 14, 2015 9:13 pm

Creating the user is the one thing, you have also to create smb shares (to identify the disk space), and you have to give the users access rights to the shares. All this is done in the web interface.

The access to the shares is done in the network section of the (file)explorer. If fileaccess is allowed in your windows you will see the nas and the shares in the network section. If you try to open one you will be asked for the user name and the password you defined at first in the web interface.

PS: use the same workgroup with all computers and the nas
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Re: How can i access files?

Postby art69 » Tue Jun 23, 2015 9:36 am

I've already prepared the shares. One, the first already made by firmware, 'public', and another for wich only 1 user has access.

But it was a mistake from me, as i was adding the nas via file explorer writing 'fvdwsl-base'. Adding the nas via the ip address it works for both the shares.
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