linux kernel patches and config for

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linux kernel patches and config for

Postby mennucc » Tue Jul 08, 2014 1:42 pm

Dear fvdw,

in 2011 I have installed Debian into my Lacie Network Space, and used your patches to build a kernel [1]; I would like to update it; I see that recently you have released new firmwares with kernel : may you post the patches , and also the .config file ?

The reasons that I need a personalized kernel is that I have formatted the storage space as ext4 , but your kernel does not have a module for it; I also need the netconsole [2] for debugging, since I mistakenly burned the serial interface


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Re: linux kernel patches and config for

Postby fvdw » Sat Jul 12, 2014 12:42 pm

Sorry I missed your post
attached the config and patches for nwsp1 kernel (it uses an adapted spd8020 setup, the nwsp1 and spd8020 are almost equal wrt to main board)
Netconsole is enabled in this config

Please not that any kernel bigger then 2 MB will not load successful as it will overwrite u-boot in ram when it is loaded by U-boot. Yep the lacie enrgies choose a somewhat not to to smart setup of the boot process.. Therefore you need to keep kernel (uImage) size below 2 MB and load afterwards modules.

PS Currently I am working on a 3.14.2 kernel for those devices
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