FTP-Server Enable the 'Masquerade Address' option

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Re: FTP-Server Enable the 'Masquerade Address' option

Postby marioth1 » Thu Jan 08, 2015 8:27 pm

Jocko wrote:
This, combined with the number of MasqueradeAddress directives in your proftpd.conf, can cause mod_dynmasq to make the daemon unavailable while it resolves all addresses. Therefore it is highly recommended that the configured interval be as long as possible, for example for 8 hours.

So I did not follow fully it as we use 4h instead of 8h.

Please to note: from a remote access, if you download some big files this can take more than 30min in accordance with your ISP upload speed. If we set a small update period, files transfer will be regularly broken.

Ok I understand, I thought the connection will only break if the IP has changed, but that text reads that it breaks up on every check (little bit unexplainable from my pov). Thank you
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